Siegel and Stamer Pace Huskers in Post-Winter Testing

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Shane Siegel scored a team-high 2,721 points in the Performance Index.
Shane Siegel scored a team-high 2,721 points in the Performance Index.
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Lincoln --Nebraska completed its six-week winter conditioning program with testing on Wednesday in Cook Pavilion. The testing was highlighted by strong performances by a pair of Grand Island natives-running back Dusty Stamer and strong safety Shane Siegel.

Stamer ran a 4.44 electronic 40-yard dash, the fastest time recorded by a Husker since FieldTurf was installed in Cook Pavilion. Sophomore cornerback Fabian Washington ran a 4.47 40-yard dash, tying the second-best time on FieldTurf. Washington had run a 4.60 in the 40 in pre-winter conditioning.

Siegel had the top performance index score of the testing with 2,721 points, the second-highest index ever by a Husker defensive back. Siegel's vertical jump of 38 inches was the second best on the team. Stamer also had the top 10-yard dash time (1.53) on the team, while defensive back Fred Thorne led the pro-agility testing (3.89), and linebacker Curt Tomasevicz (38.5") had the top vertical jump on the team. Tomasevicz's vertical jump was a position record for linebackers.

New position records were also established in vertical jump points (Tomasevicz, LB, 742 pts.), strength index (Pat Ricketts, DB, 1,086 points) and squat (Phil Peetz, TE, 549 pounds).

The Huskers gained 775 pounds of muscle as a team during winter conditioning, while dropping 620 pounds of fat. 

Head Coach Frank Solich was pleased with the results of winter conditioning and expects his players to be well-prepared for the start of spring practice.

"I've been pleased with the efforts of our strength staff and our players," Solich said. "They have made a strong effort to make sure to use the six weeks of winter conditioning well and have maximized that time to put themselves in the best possible physical condition for spring ball," Solich said.

Performance Testing

Top Five Performance Index
Shane Siegel                       DB          2721
Dusty Stamer                       IB            2477
Adam Carriker                      RE          2477
Trevor Johnson                    RE          2474
Curt Tomasevicz                  LB           2450

Top scores in each performance test:
10-yard dash
Dusty Stamer                       IB            1.53 sec.
Cole Biodrowski                  DB          1.55 sec.
Brandon Biodrowski           WR         1.55 sec.
Derek Matteo                        DB          1.55 sec.
Fred Thorne                          DB          1.56 sec.
Seth White                            DB          1.56 sec.
Seth Rexilius                        WR         1.56 sec.
Kiffin Wigert                          WR         1.56 sec.

10-yard dash points
Adam Carriker                      RE          713 pts.
Tim Weltmer                         FB           713 pts.
Chris Septak                        TE           675 pts.
Barrett Ruud                         LB           656 pts.
Matt Herian                           TE           656 pts.

40-yard dash
Dusty Stamer                       IB            4.44 sec.
Fabian Washington            DB          4.47 sec.
Marques Simmons             IB            4.50 sec.

40-yard dash points
Dusty Stamer                       IB            775 pts.
Marques Simmons             IB            744 pts.
Fabian Washington            DB          733 pts.

Pro Agility Run
Fred Thorne                          DB          3.89 sec.
Dusty Stamer                       IB            3.97 sec.
Blake Tiedtke                       DB          3.98 sec.
Lornell McPherson              DB          3.98 sec.

Pro Agility Run points
Richie Incognito                   OL           691 pts.
Josh Sewell                          OL           681 pts.
Fred Thorne                          DB          676 pts.

Vertical jump
Curt Tomasevicz                  LB           38.5"
Shane Siegel                       DB          38"
Cole Biodrowski                  DB          37.5"
Josh Bullocks                      DB          37.5"

Vertical jump points
Curt Tomasevicz                  LB           742 pts.
Shane Siegel                       DB          722 pts.
Josh Bullocks                      DB          667 pts.

Strength Testing
Top scores in each strength test:
Hang clean
Josh Sewell                          OL           395 lb.
Jake Andersen                     OL           375 lb.
Tim Weltmer                         FB           369 lb.

Hang clean points
Pat Ricketts                          DB          652 pts.
Blake Tiedtke                       DB          612 pts.
Curt Tomasevicz                  LB           599 pts.

Jake Andersen                     OL           600 lb.
Josh Sewell                          OL           569 lb.
Cory Timm                            OL           578 lb.

Squat points
Jake Andersen                     OL           537 pts.
Dane Todd                            FB           512 pts.
Grant Miller                           FB           512 pts.


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